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The second largest city on the island after Palermo, Catania has a great many things to boast about: a rich history, a superb centre now a World Heritage Site, and a lot of cultural fervor.

Yet Catania’s identity is also rooted in food, which people enjoy at any hour of the day or night. Street food, treats that originated in monasteries and monsù kitchens, are food as intense as the volcano that dominates the city, and they are all to be experienced with an open mind and with all your senses out! Tasting Catania’s street food is the gateway to understanding the city and its inhabitants!

On this walking tour, we explore some of the center’s most characteristic alleys, making stops at some of the city’s iconic food landmarks such as the Pescheria, as well as bars and old kiosks where serious eats are to be had.

Your introduction to street food will go beyond the usual local cheeses, sundried tomatoes and arancini (stuffed rice balls). You will be introduced to cipolline (pastry filled with cheese, sauce and onions), cipollate (bacon rolled around a green onion), zuzzu (pork gelatin), granita, minni ri virgini (a ricotta cheese dessert shaped as a virgin’s breast) and scricciu (a soft drink made from soda water and lemon, tangerine or grape flavored syrup).

This itinerary also provides a historical overview of the city. We will visit some of its most beautiful monuments, including St Agatha Cathedral, the Roman baths, Piazza del Duomo with its Liotru (lava elephant), and the 2nd century Roman amphitheater. We will also take a delightful stroll along via Crociferi, the most scenic street of Catania, which is flanked by superb baroque churches and convents.

In this street food paradise, you will certainly fall in love with more than a local specialty. You may well end up wrecking your self-control, and we won’t apologize for it!

Catania has what it takes to conquer every palate, and its fascinating history as well as its countless sumptuous churches and palazzi will leave a strong impression on you.

Tour duration: approx. 4 hours

Rates per person for a private party:

2 people €190

3 people €145

4 people €120

5 people €105

6 people €95

7 people €88

8 people €83

The above rates include the street food tasting

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Pescheria Market

St Agatha Cathedral

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Bellini

Castello Ursino

Via Crociferi

Roman Amphitheater

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    Thank you, Jean Marie! The excursion this morning went so well. And we loved going around with Valeria! She took us not only to the markets but also – at our request – to some of the other attractions such as the Norman Castle and the Greek Theatre. Her enthusiasm for her home town is very catching. You have a great team! Martha and Raoul K.


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Trip Includes: Food tasting, Guided walk, Local taxes (if you are a Tour Operator, please contact us for a quote)

Trip Excludes: Admission tickets, all transfers (contact us if you need a quote, our rates are very competitive).

For additional information on pricing, see the table in the description. Rates start from
price: € 83.00 /Person

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