We are a Tour Operator based in Sicily and working with an extensive network of Sicily-based licensed guides and specialists (with MA and Ph.D degrees). We offer a wide range of private tours in Sicily for small groups who like to really understand the places they visit. Our in-depth approach to exploring Sicily covers history, art, archaeology, architecture, gastronomy, nature, or a blend of the above.

In the last ten years, we have helped hundreds of travelers discover and understand the masterpieces left by nature and the different civilizations that have made Sicily their home during the last three millennia: exuberant cities with their vibrant streets, food markets, noble palaces and extravagant baroque buildings, jaw-dropping landscapes and, of course, some of the greatest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean world: Sican ruins, Punic city walls, incredibly well preserved Doric temples, Greek and Roman theaters, as well as Christian and Byzantine tombs and catacombs.

Undoubtedly, our team is an essential ingredient to the success of our private guided walks and experiences in Sicily. As professional academics and specialists in various disciplines, our work differs substantially from that which most tour operators offer. Our aim isn’t to merely ‘inform’ travelers about social and historical facts, for our tours are interactive and stimulating physically and mentally. We plan them with great care and adjust them continuously.