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On January 11, 1693, a terrible earthquake razed the flourishing town of Noto to the ground. The survivors decided to rebuild their town on a new site, closer the sea. Renowned Sicilian and foreign architects, contributed to the reconstruction effort. The town’s sumptuous churches, monasteries, convents, palaces, and squares were laid out in accordance with the architectural models of the late Baroque. In 2002, Noto was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Our exploration of Noto begins at the Porta Reale, surmounted by symbols of the people of Noto, and, as we stroll the long Corso Vittoro Emanuele, we will pass monumental flights of steps and make stops at lavishly decorated churches and palazzi including San Francesco all’Immacolata, the convent of San Salvatore, the church of Santa Chiara (from where you will enjoy a superb panoramic view of Noto and its surroundings), the Cathedral, Palazzo Trigona and Nicolaci di Villadorata, to cite but the most famous ones. We also recommend to make a gastronomical stop, for the sensuality of the Baroque architecture combined with a ricotta ice cream and a Moscato di Noto certainly makes for a special walk!

Note: If you wish to explore other towns in the Val di Noto, please contact us. You could easily combine this half day guided walk of Noto with another destination such as Modica, Ragusa Ibla or Scicli.

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Porta Reale

Corso Vittoro Emanuele

San Francesco all’Immacolata

Convent of San Salvatore

Church of Santa Chiara


Palazzo Trigona

Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata

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Trip Includes: Guided walk

Trip Excludes: Admission tickets

Per private party of up to 8 people
price: € 300 /Group

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