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During this private tour of the cathedral of Monreale, a world heritage site whose origins go back to the 12th century, you will discover one of the finest examples of Norman architecture. Importantly, Monreale’s cathedral boasts the largest concentration of mosaic scenes still extent from the Middle Ages. While stories from the Old Testament as well as the coronation of Gugliemo II are represented in the nave area, the most important episodes of Christ’s life decorate the aisles and transept.  A truly impressive representation of the Christ Pantocrator surveys this wealth of decorations from the upper part of the apse. The mosaics of the cathedral, albeit fulfilling their primary function of disseminating the Christian faith, give evidence of the Norman kings’ syncretic spirit, drawing from both Byzantine and Western iconographical values.

Adjoining the cathedral’s south side is a superb cloister with perfect ogival arches, along with 108 pairs of columns with their decorated capitals that display heads of humans, animals and fantastic beings.

Tour duration: ca. 2-2.5h

Contact us to book this private tour of Monreale, we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.

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Monreale Cathedral

The Cloister

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Trip Includes: Guided tour, local taxes (if you are a Tour Operator, please contact us for a quote).

Trip Excludes: Admission tickets (€ 8)

Per private party up to 8 people
price: € 300 /Group

The full trip takes 2 hours.

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