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The visit begins in Piazza Duomo, home to some of the city’s most important symbols: the Palazzo del Municipio, the statue of Liotru and, of course, the famous cathedral dedicated to Saint Agata. The visit continues with the recently restored Roman Theatre and Odeon, the imposing Benedictine monastery, and ends with a delightful walk through Catania’s most picturesque streets, Via Crociferi, Vittorio Emanuele and via Etnea, which are flanked with splendid baroque buildings.

Tour duration: ca. 3.5h

Contact us to book this private tour of Catania, we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.

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Piazza Duomo

Municipio and Statue of Liotru

Saint Agata Cathedral

Roman Theatre and Odeon

Benedictine monastery

Via Crociferi and via Etnea

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Trip Includes: Guided tour

Trip Excludes: Admission fees (€4,00)

Per private party
price: € 300 /Group

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