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With your local guide archaeologist, stroll along the Valley of the Temples, which boast a series of magnificent temples, the oldest in the series has been dated to the 6th century B.C.E. You will then take an in-depth look at an excavated area that features an impressive and complex heap of remains of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, perhaps the largest Doric temple ever built, as well as remains of homes and temples with various shrines dedicated to the cult of deities like Demeter and Persephone. This wonderful complex is ideally located in a delightful countryside filled with beautiful almond groves and ancient olive trees.
The tour includes a visit to the Archaeological Museum, where you will look at some of the most important Hellenestic architecture and mosaics found during the various excavation campaigns,  and a visit to the Hellenistic and Roman district. Excavations reveal a relatively large complex of buildings, terraces, floors, and drainage system that can be dated to the 2nd century B.C.E.
This full day private tour ends with a stroll through Agrigento’s historic center, with stops at the Norman Cathedral of San Gerlando, Santa Maria dei Greci, a small church built on the site of a Doric temple, and the abbey of Santo Spirito, decorated with lovely stuccoes by Giacomo Serpotta and his school. At the monastery, it is possible to purchase the pistachio and almond sweets that the enclosed nuns make following a recipe that has been passed on since Norman times.

Tour duration: ca. 7h

Contact us to book a half day or full day private tour of Agrigento, we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.

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Valley of the temples

Archaeological Museum

Hellenistic and Roman district

Agrigento's historic center

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    The tour of Agrigento with Salvatore was fantastic! Ted and Beth C.


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Trip Includes: Guided tour, local taxes (if you are a Tour Operator, please contact us for a quote).

Trip Excludes: Admission tickets (€ 13,50) and lunch

Per private party of up to 8 people
price: € 420 /Group

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