Destination: Trapani

There is undoubtedly something magical about western Sicily, and Trapani certainly figures into that landscape. Given the long history of the place, there is a wealth of things to see in terms of cultural heritage such as the beautiful Baroque buildings of Rua Grande, the old fish market at Piazza Mercato del Pesce – today an imposing structure, and the small Museo della Preistoria e di Archeologia Marina, which deserves a visit not only for its collection of finds discovered in sunken ships, but also for the views of Trapani and the nearby Egadi islands its upper floor offers.

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Trapani and Erice

A full-day tour in the western side of Sicily, to discover the beautiful seaside town of Trapani, and the medieval Erice, which overlooks the coast, the saltpans and the Egadi Islands from above.