“The four of us wish for Passage to Sicily to accept our profound gratitude for so expertly arranging the bulk of our just-concluded Sicilian adventure. You understood our particular intellectual and culinary needs and desires on short notice and were able to satisfy them with great success. You showed uncommon patience and insight when tweaking the tight schedule was requested along the way. My concerns about the quality of the guides/teachers were blown out of the water! What a great pool of human resources you drew upon. No one was less than very good, and most were excellent in knowledge and presentation. Rossella, and Alessandra were gold metal winners, with the full day in Siracusa an utterly spectacular experience on every level with Alessandra. I’m also grateful to you for tempering my well-intentioned but unwise attempts at jamming too many stops onto the already packed itinerary. The schedule was paced beautifully.

We are excited and motivated to return to Sicily to study more in depth certain sites and cities, and to also simply enjoy the food and warmth of the many wonderful people we met along our way.

Our warmest thanks for your kindness, expertise, and patience”.

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