Paola has an MSc in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Museum Studies. Born and raised in Palermo, the city has no secrets left for her, as she knows every church and every piazza forward and backward. Paola’s tour skilfully combines cultural heritage, local history, and storytelling. Since 2013, she has also been working as a researcher at the Department of Architecture in Palermo, beomg involved in international projects, in partnership with the University of Leicester, the TU Wien Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Pusan National University of Busan. She is also the project manager for the “Liberty Cultural Itinerary” of Legambiente Sicilia, which has been recognized as one of Europe’RAAN (Reséau Art Nouveau Network) cities.
Among her many interests, museums, gardens, material, natural and cultural heritage and architecture for social inclusion, and urban transformations stand out.
Her background and life-time interests bring Palermo and other Sicilian cities to life. She loves guiding curious travelers who enjoy being challenged and enjoy challenging her!