A World Heritage Site, Syracuse is one of the island’s most popular destinations. This 2700 year old city stood among the most powerful and prosperous cities of Europe. If the splendor of Syracuse as a Greek city could hardly be matched, the Roman, Byzantine, Gothic-Catalan, Norman and Renaissance treasures that are still available to us are good indicators of Syracuse's prosperity and importance throughout most of its history.

Half day private tour of Syracuse:
With your local licensed guide and archaeologist, walk through the park of the Neapolis to admire one of the largest of all surviving Greek theatres, a Roman amphitheatre built to allow for gladiators ‘sporting’ activities, which the Greek theater could not accommodate, and the Ear of Dionysius, a huge cavern shaped in a way that gives it surprising acoustic properties. A great many legends are associated with this cave.
In Ortigia, we stop at many important sites such as the ruins of the Apollo temple, the famed Arethusa fountain  and the Piazza del Duomo, certainly one of the most suggestive Italian Baroque piazza. The cathedral structure rests on the fluted columns that pertained to a 5th century B.C.E Greek temple. Strolling the quiet streets of Ortigia, you will revel in front of splendid architectural edifices of Roman, Byzantine, Gothic-Catalan, Norman and Renaissance origins.

Rates for this private walk in Syracuse: 1-4 people € 290  /  5-8 people € 320
Tour duration: up to 4h
Incidentals: admission tickets (€ 12,00)

Full day private tour of Syracuse:
This full day private walk in Syracuse covers all the sites mentioned in the half-day itinerary, and includes the superb archaeological museum Paolo Orsi, which displays an important and well organized collection of items covering the late prehistoric period up to the Magna Grecia era, as well as the Catacombs of San Giovanni, a rare example of early Christian hypogeic tombs. These extensive catacombs, which were adapted from a disused Greek aquaduct, were very probably in use prior to Constantine’s Edict of 313. Tradition has it that St Paul preached there. An altar is said to mark this event.

Rates for this private tour in Syracuse: 1-4 people € 380  /  5-8 people € 420
Tour duration: ca. 7h
Incidentals: admission tickets (€ 23,50) and lunch - your guide will gladly suggest some great spots!

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