Palermo for families

Playing with Art, Food and Tradition
This itinerary is designed for families who want to explore Palermo’s multifaceted historic center. This  itinerary and activities are designed primarily for children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old.

Our stroll through Palermo’s art, food and tradition begins at the Capo market, one of the city’s four historic markets where children are given a “foodbuster” card that gives them a sense of adventure as they go about exploring the market. As they walk through the the colourful stands, children need to identify the various products that are on their “foodbuster” card. The guide will mark each product that the children will identify.
This is a fun way to expose children to a variety of typical foods from the Mediterranean, and to introduce them to culinary differences between countries.  Children will receive a prize when their foodbuster have been successfully completed.

After this exhilarating start, we visit an old workshop where generations of artisans have been making traditional Sicilian puppets. There, in addition to meeting passionate puppet makers who will explain how a puppet is built from scratch, you will be able to see a short demonstration of a battle among the Paladins of France, understanding how to work the puppets, and how to give them a “voice”.

The last leg of our family itinerary takes us to the sumptuous oratory of Santa Cita, decorated with fine stuccos of Giacomo Serpotta, where children will take part in another treasure hunt. This time, they’ll attempt to recognize some particularly fun stucco putti, and complete their drawings.
After this morning of fun - and hard work - children will receive a box of play-doh so that they can endeavor to fashion the putti themselves.

Rates for this private family experience in Palermo: 2-6 people  € 370
Tour duration: ca. 3h
Incidentals: nil. All admission tickets are included in the rate

Contact us to book this fun exploratory tour for your family, we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.