Mount Etna: Magma and Wines

This full day Etna experience includes a magnificent hike on the Etna followed by a guided visit to a splendid wine estate located on the Eastern slopes of the Etna.
The day begins with a terrific excursion on the Etna. From Piano Provenzana, a touristic station destroyed by the 2002 eruption, we walk along beautiful black flows of lava towards the eruptive mouths. On the way, we make some stops to see some volcanic “bombs” and fumaroles, which the Etna left during that eruption. We continue our ascent through an extremely colorful and lunar-like landscape, up to the Monte Timparossa refuge, where we will enjoy a picnic made with locally-sourced products such as cheeses, cold meats, country bread and sweets. After this regenerating picnic, we return to Piano Provenzana crossing the flows of lava from the 1923 eruption.

In the afternoon, we visit a lovely wine estate that produces high quality wines from its organically cultivated vineyards. The area’s volcanic soil, which is rich in minerals, its peculiar microclimate with important temperature fluctuations, and a savoir-faire that goes back generations, produce wines with a freshness and a lightness not seen anywhere else in Sicily.
Following the owner-led visit of the estate, we indulge in a wine tasting that will give you some insight into the stunning diversity of the Etna’s wine-making traditions. Most wines are based on native Sicilian grape varieties with their rich fruit and mineral flavors. Wines are accompanied by snacks (locally produced olives, cheeses and salami).

Note: The excursion on the Etna is graded easy to medium, and doesn’t present any difficulty granted that participants do not present any respiratory condition or other significant health problems like high blood pressure.

Rate for this private excursion (minimum of 4 participants): €120,00 pp. All taxes, picnic and wine tasting are included in the rate.
Tour duration: ca. 6.5-7h

Contact us to book this private excursion on the Etna, we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.