A catalogue of disasters including devastating earthquakes, bombing campaigns by the Spanish King Ferdinand II and during World War II, plagues, Cholera epidemics, and so on, have taken their toll on a city that inspired so many myths and legends. Despites the catastrophes it suffered, the historical centre of Messina is certainly worth visiting. Our walk starts at Piazza del Duomo, at the heart of the historic centre. The Duomo, rebuilt twice, conserves some of its original features. The interior has works of some of Sicily’s most important artists, such as the 16th century sculptor Antonello Gagini.
We reach other points of interests that include the campanile, which contains the largest mechanical clock in the world. Next to it is the awesome Fountain of Orion that survived the 1943 air-campaigns solely on account of being sandbagged. We continue further to the best preserved monument of the city, a 12th century Norman church that amazingly survived both the 1908 earthquake and the 1943 bombing campaign. The itinerary moves on to Piazza Unita, where one can admire another landmark of the city, the 16th century fountain of Neptune by Montorsoli.
The itinerary ends with a visit to the important Museo Regionale, which has an impressive collection of artworks going back to the Byzantine period, and includes splendid works by the painter Antonello da Messina.

Rates for this private walk in Messina: 1-4 people € 290  /  5-8 people € 320
Tour duration: ca. 3.5h
Incidentals: admission fees (€8pp)

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