Baroque and Food Extravaganza in Palermo

Palermo is an exuberant and eclectic city that is rich in history, art, architecture and tasty food...!

For an exciting introduction to one of Italy’s most buoyant cities, we take you on a walk through the colourful and winding alleys of Palermo’s historic food markets. As we proceed in the Ballaro and Capo districts, you will have the opportunity to admire some of the most outstanding Palermo baroque churches that are hidden in the midst of fish, vegetable and fruit stands. Your private guide will also introduce you to the history of Palermo’s food markets. You will learn about the foods and recipes that are associated with local feasts, some of which date back to medieval times, as well as the harvest and fishing techniques in use since time immemorial. In Ballaro, the old Nunzio will share with you his insider’s picks of the best Sicilian cheeses. Of course, you will be able to indulge in Palermo’s famous “street foods”.

Your itinerary includes:
The Ballarò and Capo Markets

Palermo’s historic markets are famous since medieval times. Each of the city’s four quarters had its own food market, the Vucciria, Lattarini, Capo and Ballarò.
If the first two have lost a great deal of their grandeur and appeal, the food markets of Capo and Ballarò remain as popular and full of life as ever. The Kasbah-like atmosphere of these markets with their stands covered with fresh and exotic vegetables and fruit, as well as dazzling fish like sardines, tuna, swordfish, is a most enjoyable experience.
Church of S. Maria del Carmine
Built in 1626 for the Carmelite order, S. Maria del Carmine is superbly decorated with works by some of Sicily’s best artists, including exquisite stuccos by Giacomo Serpotta, a superb sculpture of Saint Catherine by Antonello Gaggini, as well as paintings by Pietro Novelli.
Church of the Immacolata Concezione
This church is one of the most somptuous baroque buildings of the city. Built in the 17th century to attract believers by appealing to their emotions and aesthetic sense, the Immacolata Concezione is decorated with precious inlayed-marbles, and hosts a masterpiece of the Sicilian painter Pietro Novelli.

Rates for this private walk in Palermo: 1-4 people € 315 / 5-8 people € 370
Tour duration: 3h
Incidentals: nil

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