Archimedes in Syracuse

This children-focused tour brings to life the ancient history of Siracusa. It includes visits to the Neapolis Archaeological Park and the Archimedes’ park. This children-centred tour is led by an archaeologist experienced in the organization of didactic activities in various archaeological museums in Sicily.

The Archaeological Park of Siracusa (Parco Archeologico della Neapolis). 
In the archaeological park of Siracusa, nature and architecture are in perfect harmony. The Greek theatre is carved right into the rocks, and is surrounded by superb pine trees and their clicking cicada. The famous “Ear of Dionysus,” a veritable prison used by the tyrant Dionysus, is a majestic cave that resembles an ear, and has an remarkable acoustic. While enjoying the spacious park, children learn about Greek and Roman theatres, pagan religion, fights between animals and gladiators, secret underground passages connecting the different areas of the ancient city, and much more.
On the steps of Archimedes
Archimedes is referred to as “the founding father of technology”, on account of his innovative work in the fields of mathematics and engineering. During this guided visit, you will be able to admire and learn about many of Archimedes’ inventions, dating back to the third century B.C.E. Some of the models exposed include war machines that are said to have been used in the defence of the city of Siracusa against the Romans, compound pulley systems, a water screw, and other devices.

Rates per party:
2-8pax  €320

Tour duration: ca. 3-3.5h
Appointment: 09:30 at the entrance of the Parco della Neapolis
Incidentals: tickets €16 (€5 under 18 for EU citizens)

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