The Val di Noto

Modica and Noto
Nested in a dramatic gorge of the Val di Noto, Modica, like many other towns in the area, is a World Heritage Site. Its flamboyant baroque architecture delights its visitors as soon as they approach the town from the road. Yet Modica is a sharply divided town, and locals usually identify with the lower or the upper part of the town. The lower town mainly occupies two wide streets that came to replace two rivers after a tragic flood in 1902. The upper town, built on a steep hill, is a maze of alleyways, and retains the feel of an old Sicilian village. Both have many splendid baroque palaces and religious edifices.
Lower and upper Modica have their own opulent Chiesa Madre, which are the main points of focus of the itinerary. The church dedicated to San Giorgio, the patron saint of Modica (upper Modica) is of particular interest, notably for its remarkable grand façade and its elegant twin staircases leading to the church. In the church of San Pietro (lower Modica), its old rival, the largest chapel is decorated with a superb Madonna of Trapani by the school of Gagini. Next to San Pietro is the cave-church of San Nicolo Inferiore, the oldest church in Modica. Its earliest fresco, depicting a scene of the Ascension, date from late Byzantine (late 10th early 11th century).

After lunch, we head to Noto, a town that was entirely rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake. Noto is famous for its masterpieces of Sicilian baroque style. It has many fine churches that are outstanding on account of their architecture, decorations, but also because of their strategic locations. Numerous aristocratic palazzi with their delightful baroque facades and twisted iron railings flank the main Corso Vittorio Emanuele and the many adjoining streets.

Our exploration of Modica and Noto involves some optional albeit highly recommended gastronomic stops to sample the Val di Noto’s best pastries and chocolates, which are prepared following traditional recipes.

Rates for this private walk in Modica and Noto: 1-4 people € 390  /  5-8 people € 430
Tour duration: up to 7h
Incidentals: entrance tickets (€ 5) and lunch

For lunch, your guide will happily offer suggestions on the best options in Modica

Contact us to book this private tour of Noto and Modica; we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.