Family Search

For many visitors, Sicily is an island rich in natural sights, history, art and ancestral traditions. Yet for others, Sicily is much more significant, for it is the land of their origins, the soil in which their family roots are deeply anchored, and where they may uncover their past.

If you are someone wanting to discover their family history, whether you lack the time to do your own genealogical research or find it difficult to gather reliable information about your Sicilian ancestors, our qualified and experienced team of historians, journalist and their collaborators can provide invaluable help to you. We conduct family research in archives and other relevant places throughout the island. In addition to helping you access the records available, we can also help you explore the town of your ancestors, find their dwelling place, see the church they attended, meet relatives and chat with villagers who may have valuable information about your Sicilian family history, all the things that may give you a deeper insight into your family’s life prior to their journey abroad.

Our staff has helped a great many families research and document their Sicilian ancestry, and solved a wide spectrum of problems, even without them having to make the trip to Sicily.*

There are many factors that can affect the outcome of a family research carried out by our staff in Sicily, such as your research goals, the information already in your possession, and the availability of the records. Once you have communicated your needs and the information you already have to us (please complete and send this questionnaire), our staff will carry out a preliminary investigation* and will let you know the extent to which it will be possible for you to uncover your Sicilian history. We will also send you an estimate accordingly.
*In such cases, our staff is to be provided with the necessary authorizations to act on the client’s behalf.
** The preliminary inquiry, which costs €50,00, involves evaluating the information supplied and finding out about the availability of the records.