Archaeological Tours

  • Syracuse | Sicily Tours and Travel


    A World Heritage Site, Syracuse is one of the island’s most popular destinations. This 2700 year old city stood among…

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  • Taormina | Sicily Tours and Travel


    Taormina is one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy, and for good reasons. It has long been a…

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  • Agrigento | Sicily Tours and Travel


    A private tour of the Valley of the Temples in the company of a licensed guide specialized in archeology is…

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  • Segesta | Sicily Tours and Travel


    Segesta was once an important town for the Elymnians, immigrants from Italy around the 12th century B.C.E. What is left of the…

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  • Piazza Armerina | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Piazza Armerina

    This private tour of Piazza Armerina is led by a local archaeologist, and begins with the visit of the 4th century…

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  • Mozia | Sicily Tours and Travel


    A tiny island off the West coast of Sicily, Mozia has some of the most remarkable Phoenician remains of the…

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  • Selinunte & Cave di Cusa | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Selinunte & Cave di Cusa

    Looking toward Tunisia across the blue sea and fields of wild flowers, the site of Selinunte is awe-inspiring. In view…

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  • Morgantina: the land of myths | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Morgantina: the land of myths

    Morgantina is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily. It is home to well-preserved Sicel, Greek, and Roman…

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