Passage to Sicily gives scholars and students an opportunity to study world-class architecture and art, stretching over 2500 years of history, to visit some of the richest archeological parks and museums in the Mediterranean world, and/or to understand the nature and make-up of Sicilian society, as well as the long standing ideas and problems that have and still mark the people of this island.

We offer you the possibility to examine a particular aspect of the above themes or a combination thereof. Our study visits include presentations and on-site visits led by specialists in the relevant disciplines.

We design your educational visit in a way that is both stimulating and relevant in terms of the learning objectives that you wish to meet.

All tailor-made study visits are priced in accordance with the date of travel, the number of students and staff, and the duration of the visit.

Passage to Sicily takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the visits are structured safely. We also review and reinforce the information communicated by the accompanying staff regarding safety and knowledge of local customs, thus promoting mutual understanding between the students and the host community.

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  • P1180620 | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Palermo for families

    Playing with Art, Food and Tradition This itinerary is designed for families who want to explore Palermo’s multifaceted historic center.…

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  • Scicli and Aromas | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Scicli and Aromas

    Scicli is one of the baroque jewels of the Val di Noto. Situated at the base of St. Matthews’ hill,…

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  • A Taste of the Etna | Sicily Tours and Travel

    A Taste of the Etna

    Sicilian cuisine takes its many flavors from the seas, a variegated varied landscape, and, most importantly, from a blend of…

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  • Syracuse | Sicily Tours and Travel


    A World Heritage Site, Syracuse is one of the island’s most popular destinations. This 2700 year old city stood among…

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  • Mount Etna: Magma and Wines | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Mount Etna: Magma and Wines

    This full day Etna experience includes a magnificent hike on the Etna followed by a guided visit to a splendid…

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  • Morgantina: the land of myths | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Morgantina: the land of myths

    Morgantina is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily. It is home to well-preserved Sicel, Greek, and Roman…

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  • An initiation to Sicilian Gastronomy | Sicily Tours and Travel

    An initiation to Sicilian Gastronomy

    Sicily has a strong culinary identity. Food, in fact, is an essential part of Sicilian existence. Although Sicilian gastronomy is…

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  • Baroque and Food Extravaganza in Palermo | Sicily Tours and Travel

    Baroque and Food Extravaganza in Palermo

    Palermo is an exuberant and eclectic city that is rich in history, art, architecture and tasty food...! For an exciting…

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