Palermo: Historic Food Markets

All senses out! Guided through the old quarters of Palermo, you will explore some of the city’s most somptuous churches, built in the wake of the Counter Reformation, to attract believers through emotions and theatricality. You’ll see how their exuberant decorations are also reflected in the colorful and sensual historic food markets of the Capo and Ballarò. Of course, sampling Palermo's best street food will also be a priority!

The tour begins in front of the Teatro Massimo, Palermo's Opera House, built by the Sicilian architect Basile. We then stroll through the Capo and Ballarò, two of Palermo's historic markets, to expose ourselves to their exuberance and sensuality, and discover most of the ingredients that are used in Sicilian cuisine. Along the way, we visit sumptuous Baroque churches, including the church of the Concezione, which has one of Pietro Novelli's masterpieces representing the Virgin; the church of Sant'Agostino with its stupendous stone rose and exquisite stuccos, and the Carmine Maggiore, with its prominent cupola covered with colourful Sicilian ceramic tiles.
Our exploration of Palermo's markets involves gastronomic stops to sample some of Palermo's best street food.

Rates are per person, and are based on the number of participants in the party:
2 pax €150 - 3 pax €110 - 4 pax €85 - 5 pax €75 - 6 pax €65 - 7 pax €55 - 8 pax €55

Tour duration: ca. 3h
Appointment: 09:30 in front of the Teatro Massimo (Palermo's Opera House), Piazza Verdi
Incidentals: nil

Contact us to book this tour of Palermo's historical market for your private party, we will let you know about our availabilities and answer any questions you may have.