Scicli and Aromas

Scicli is one of the baroque jewels of the Val di Noto. Situated at the base of St. Matthews’ hill, this charming town stands between two deep rocky cliffs, crippled with caves that were once used as homes. What renders Scicli so attractive, besides its superb location, is its baroque architecture. Scicli is another exceedingly gorgeous baroque towns, which were rebuilt after the devastating 1693 earthquake. The very suggestive Via Mormino Penna, the richly ornate facades and lovely interior decorations of the town’s countless private and public buildings, make this site worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage Site (2002).

In Scicli, our itinerary covers the church of San Bartolomeo, the grotte di Chiafura (from outside), the Palazzo Beneventano, the church of Santa Teresa, the church of the Carmine and the Church of Santa Maria La Nova.

Following our immersion in Sicilian baroque architecture and art, we head off to the nearby Aromi farm, where you will enjoy a splendid guided walk through nearly 200 aromatic plants from the Mediterranean. This inspiring visual and olfactory itinerary ends with an aperitif overlooking the magnificent blue sea.

Rates are per person, and are based on the number of participants in the party. They include a private visit and an aperitif at the Aromi:
2 pax €160 - 3 pax €120 - 4 pax €110 - 5 pax €100 - 6-8 pax €90

Please note that a cooking demonstration followed by lunch/dinner at the Aromi, can also be organized upon request.

Tour duration: up to 4h
Appointment: morning tour 09:30 or afternoon tour 16:00

Contact us to book this private tour of Scicli, we will let you know about our availability and answer any questions you may have.