Ragusa with the Family

Stroll the stepped alleyways and gorgeous piazze of Ragusa Superiore and Ragusa Ibla. The dominant architectural style is late Sicilian baroque. Carved masks decorate the balconies of numerous noble palaces, and the imposing churches house richly decorated chapels, and invaluable works of arts. Ragusa Superiore and Ragusa Ibla count many palazzi and churches which are now world heritage sites. The construction of these architectural treasures followed the devastating earthquake of 1693.
After this tragedy, a group of wealthy aristocrats decided to rebuild Ragusa Ibla where it originally was, around their new St. George church. Another group, largely made up of middle class people, chose another area to rebuild their city, Ragusa Superiore. This town is built around San Giovanni Battista (St. John’s cathedral), which is the visit’s departing point.

From St. John’s cathedral, we descend towards the edge of the hill that overlooks Ragusa Ibla, passing the elegant Palazzi Bertini, Cosentini and La Rocca, with their elaborate balcony corbels. The walk continues downhill, by numerous flights of steps, towards the centre of Ibla. We pass more ornamented balconies and windows, as well as the sumptuously decorated churches of Idria, Purgatorio and St. Joseph, and the beautiful three-tiered façade of the Cathedral of S. Giorgio, to mention but a few of the magnificent edifices included in the itinerary. The walk ends in the public garden, il giardino Ibleo, with its palm avenue, small churches, and the splendid 15th century portal of the St. George cathedral.

Your children get the most out of this cultural itinerary…
Throughout the walk, your expert and friendly guide will engage your children in a ‘treasure hunt’. While the younger ones are given some pictures of decorations – statues and masks – which they try to identify as they walk from upper Ragusa to the centre of Ibla, the older children search for art works and decorations with the aid of written descriptions and cues.

Rates per party:
2-8 pax €320

Tour duration: ca. 3h
Appointment: 09:30 at the caffè Italia, Piazza San Giovanni, Ragusa

Contact us to book this private tour of Ragusa for your family, we will let you know about our availabilities and answer any questions you may have.