Palermo: Palazzo Abatellis

The late 15th century Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo, is one of the best preserved Gothic-Catalan edifices in Western Sicily. The building went to the Domenican nuns in 1526. Having reported majors damages during the second world war, the Palazzo was restored in the 1950s, and converted into a museum by the famous Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa. It houses the Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, with its important works of sculpture and painting from the Middle Ages to the late Baroque period. The collection includes significant works by the Renaissance artists Antonello da Messina, Domenico Gagini, and Franscesco Laurana, and by the Baroque painters Antoine Van Dyck, Giuseppe de Ribera, Battistello Caracciolo, and Pietro Novelli. The dominant piece of the museum, however, is the impressive and overwhelming Triumph of Death fresco, whose authorship remains uncertain.

Rates are per person, and are based on the number of participants in the party:
2 pax €140 - 3 pax €95 - 4 pax €75 - 5 pax €65 - 6 pax €55 - 7 pax €50 - 8 pax €50

Tour duration: ca. 2-2.5h
Appointment: 09:30 in front of the Palazzo Abatellis, Via Alloro 4, Palermo
Incidentals: entrance tickets (€ 10)

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