The Archeological Site of Segesta

Segesta was once an important town for the Elymnians, immigrants from Italy around the 12th century B.C.E. What is left of the strongly hellenized town is a grand temple of Doric style – whose dedication is unknown – and a superb open-air theatre. These are two important reminders of the strong Greek presence and influence in this part of Sicily. They are set in a stunning hilly landscape, and are dramatically beautiful in the Spring when wild flowers abound.

Half day itinerary (ca. 3.5h)

– This archeological tour of Segesta begins with the visit of the magnificent temple in Doric style. Built in the first half of the 5th century B.C.E, the temple lacks a roof and an inner sanctuary.  It has been suggested that the temple’s construction was halted while at war with Selinunte around 429-430 B.C.E.

–  On our way up to the agora, the city’s heart, we pass a recently excavated site that reveals some fortifications.* On top of mount Barbaro, we find a well preserved theater carved out of the rock, and which could welcome up to 3000 spectators. The rest of the site is as interesting as it is complex, with various architectural and cultural strata: Hellenistic edifices, Roman habitations, a 12th century castle and mosque, and a ruined 12th-13th century church with Norman foundations.


Number of
Prices for your private
tour in euros
6 280.00
5 260.00
4 240.00
3 220.00
2 200.00

* the climb to the theater can be fatiguing, particularly in the summer. A shuttle is available, and runs every 30mn.
*The above rates do not include the entrance fee (€ 6,00) and the transport to and from the archeological site.

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